+ Saint Giles Church, Langford
Sunday 21st of July 2019
Picture: A Statue of Saint Giles.

A tour of the Church.

The North Aisle.

Turning left again you pass through the Nave to the North Aisle of two bays. This was added to the church in 1882 when the church was renovated, and has two two-light windows with labels, and the Norman window of one round-headed light at the western end of the North aisle is an old one (c. 1100), possibly taken from the original north wall. The North Aisle has a crypt beneath it - a list of the burials there is kept in the Vestry. The crypt is accessible from an external flight of steps and a passage on the north side of the church.

Passing further to your right you will see an oak framed partition and door at the end of the North Aisle, enriched with traceried panels and several beautifully carved little animal heads. This partition encloses the lower part of the organ, and forms part of the Vestry. (Behind the curtain is the north door). The shelf with its small vases and candlesticks was put up as a substitute for a 'Children's Corner' in June 1935. It was under the care of the children of the parish for their use and for flowers, pictures etc.

The Vestry is formed in the space behind the organ, and is enclosed on the south by the organ itself and a curtain, and on the east by the bell tower. The vestry holds a chest of drawers for the linen and vestments.