+ Saint Giles Church, Langford
Sunday 21st of July 2019
Picture: A Statue of Saint Giles.

A tour of the Church.

The Western Apse.

The western apse is perhaps the most interesting feature of St. Giles, and is certainly unique in Britain It has three leaded windows (c. 1100) each with a round-headed light. Sadly there are discoloured patches on the wall where the damp has come through (hopefully this problem has now been solved by the renovation work which was undertaken in 2003) and when funds are available the church will be renovated inside.

Under the middle window is a terracotta statue of St. Francis standing with a begging bowl and a bird on his shoulder which was given to St. Giles' in memory of Barbara Paul Addintgon-Hall. The 45 inch statue was made by Catharni Stern and stands on a 21 inch cube oak plinth. (Catharni also made another statue of St. Francis and this stands in the gardens of the Diocesan Office in Chelmsford). 'Our' St. Francis was given to St. Giles' by Barbara's husband Robert. Barbara was a member of Langford Parochial church Council.

Further round, the oak news reading stand was donated in 1995 by Mr. H.J. & Mrs. E. Pipe, both of whom have served as Churchwardens in the past.

The brass plaque further to the right was erected in 1969 by the family of the late Captain C.C. Humphrys. Captain Humphrys was Churchwarden at St. Giles from 1950-1967. The plaque was designed by Messrs. J.B. Slythe, Funeral Directors.

The small mahogany table beneath the brass plaque (and known affectionately as the 'Captain's table'), was given by Mrs. Pye in August 1944.