+ Saint Giles Church, Langford
Sunday 21st of July 2019
Picture: A Statue of Saint Giles.

A tour of the Church.

The Bell Tower.

Picture: The Bell Tower.

The bell tower houses three bells, case in 1881 and all made by Messrs. John Taylor & Co. of Loughborough. The tenor (32·5 inches) weighs 7cwts 1qtr 7lbs (819lbs/372Kg) inscribed "To the Praise and Glory of the Holy Trinity". The second (29 inches) weighs 5cwts 2qtr 0lbs (616lbs/280Kg), and the treble (26 inches) weighs 4cwts 0qtr 17lbs (465lbs/211Kg).

The bells are hung for ringing full circle and the walls of the belfry and the framing of the oak superstructure have been cut away to facilitate this. The bells are hung from timber headstocks in plain bearings in an oak frame. All three swing east-west, the first and second are at high level and the tenor (which has a chiming hammer) below.

There is a weathervane of a gilded cockerel on the bell tower, and there are wooden shingles on the spire.