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Sunday 21st of July 2019
Picture: A Statue of Saint Giles.

Friends of St. Giles' Church.

It is perhaps no accident that in most languages the same word 'church' is used to describe both a building and a community. The symbolism of church buildings is rich in theological significance and as such should be preserved.

Our Inheritance.
Our church buildings are a historical and architectural treasure, an integral and beautiful feature of the local landscape, and they are also houses of God, where generations have worshipped through the ages. They need regular maintenance, restoration and, as in every age since they were built, sometimes they need adaptation to suit the needs of the present generation.

The Problem.
High standards of repair are rightly demanded, in order that the fabric of our church buildings will remain in a good state for the long term future. But this creates difficulties in our diocese with its large number of fine church buildings in small communities, and many church councils find themselves almost overwhelmed by the scale of the problem facing them.

The Opportunity.
But the problem is not insoluble. The church building belongs to the whole community, not just to the worshipping congregation - the care of the church building is the responsibility of the whole community, not just that of church members. One way of enabling the whole community to take care of their local church is to form a 'Friends' organisation, and that is exactly what we are doing now.

Are you a friend?
Everyone needs friends; they share and enrich our lives and give us support when we need it. But buildings also need friends to support and care for them - will you become a friend of St. Giles' Church?

To ensure that this unique building is preserved (and indeed improved) for the use of future generations, we need friends who will support us, not only with their physical presence, but also with financial donations.

To that end we are setting up the 'Friends of St. Giles' Church' - a network of people who are prepared to offer their support to ensure that this unique building survives into the future. We do hope that you will become one of our friends.

For a subscription of just £5 a year (£100 for life membership, or £10 a year for family membership) you could become an invaluable member of a group of people who care for Langford's unique parish church. Naturally, if you wish to make a larger donation this would be most gratefully accepted!

The Friends of St. Giles' Church will aim to raise money by organising a variety of events throughout the year, and this money will be used exclusively for the fabric of the building, and cannot be used to offset any other financial requirements (like the Parish Share). It will enable us to ensure the preservation, repair, restoration and renewal of the fabric and furnishings of the building is assured. We believe it is our duty to preserve and maintain this beautiful and unique church for future generations.

So what will you get for your membership?
Advance notice of all future events.
A yearly newsletter which will update you on what the 'Friends' have been doing.
A copy of the annual accounts.
A copy of the Annual Report of St. Giles' Church.

To become a Friend, please download and complete the form below and send or give it to Mrs. Irene Allen, 11 Ulting Lane, Langford, Maldon, Essex CM9 6QB together with cash or cheque (made payable to St. Giles' Church). As a 'thank you' for your support, the 'Friends' will also send you a free booklet on St. Giles'.

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