+ Saint Giles Church, Langford
Sunday 21st of July 2019
Picture: A Statue of Saint Giles.

A tour of the Church.

Churchwardens' Staves.

There are two wardens' staves (or wands) clipped to the pews - one on either side of the south aisle. Wardens' staves were originally sharp pointed sticks to prod people and/or dogs, and were known as 'prodders' in the 1600s. The Rector's Warden's stave has a brass Mitre on the top, and the People's Warden's stave has a brass Crown on the top. Both are inscribed "E. Hedge 1928-38", and were given in 1939 - one by Mrs. Hedge in memory of her late husband, who had been Churchwarden for 10 years, and the other by Miss E.M. Packe. There is a brass plaque erected in March 1960 on the third pew end of the south wall of the Nave to Elizabeth Packe, who herself was Churchwarden for 28 years.

We are now back at the font. On the left hand side is a wooden bookcase with double-fronted glass and wood sliding doors which was donated by Mr. Albert Chaplin (Churchwarden 1991-2002) complete with a new set of hymnbooks.

At the left hand side of the door is a memorial, installed in April 1991, to Walter Edward and Lucy Rose Chalk, "faithful servants of this Church". 'Ted' Chalk (as he was affectionately known) was Churchwarden of St. Giles from 1956-1982, and was made Churchwarden emeritus upon his retirement in 1982.!